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3 Actions to Start Fundraising with Success!


Login To Your Fundraising Tools

Your Fundraising Tools allow you to manage your fundraising page, monitor your progress, accept donations and more! Login by downloading the My LLS App from your app store or using your browser at

How To Use My Fundraising Center


Customize Your Fundraising Page

Customize your page by sharing a photo and your story showcasing your motivation to help find a cure for cancer. Participants who customize their page raise 3x more than those who do not!


Create A Facebook Fundraiser

When you connect your fundraising page to a Facebook Fundraiser within your Fundraising Tools your friends on Facebook can donate to your fundraiser with one click! Participants who connect their page to a Facebook Fundraiser raise on average 5x more!

Facebook Fundraiser How To

Facebook Fundraiser FAQ

NOTE: Only Facebook Fundraisers that are created through Fundraising Tools are linked to your fundraising page and count towards your total raised.